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The familiar VAG 2.0-litre ‘EA888’ inline-four turbo is slung in the front, complemented by a shouty straight-through exhaust, a much beefier intake system, and a recalibrated ECU. Power? 346bhp! The suspension is where things get really interesting. The inboard subframes are as-per GTI, but the TCR is given bespoke uprights and car diffuser wishbones. The camber, toe, ride height and spring rates can all be adjusted on the new setup. Factor in much beefier slick tyres, and you’re looking at a half metre increase in width over a road-going hot Golf. Naturally, the arches are widened to match with fibreglass panels at the rear and new front wings. While they’re at it, the Seat Sport bods chuck in a big front splitter, a pair of side skirts, a rear diffuser and a massive rear wing. The result still looks like a Golf, just a Golf that’s gone ‘full Hulk’.

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